Wable, Interactive connections

Wable is an interactive connectivity and proximity
marketing service that adapts to every situation.

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Possible contexts and uses

Smart taxi

Wable completes the travel experience for taxi users through a new, interactive platform. The individual’s journey is enriched by new services, for either domestic travellers or tourists, which are designed to guarantee a better user experience and a closer connection to the taxi service.


Wable provides a new approach to proximity marketing that generates value and produces leads for stores. The functionality of the product has been conceived to satisfy the needs of individual retailers as well as those associated with shopping centres.


Wable is the ideal partner for the development of Filiale 2.0. The customer’s presence in the branch is secured by access to a service dashboard for the customer, designed to strengthen the relationship with the bank.

Oil & Gas

Localisation systems, connectivity services and profiled communication represent some of the ways in which wable accompanies the traveller on their journey and welcomes them to the service stations and rest stops.


Wable represents an ideal partner by providing controlled internet access to students and hosting multimedia content expressly designed for an educational context on its interactive platform.


Through interactive content and virtual involvement the user is immersed in a new way of enjoying exhibitions, festivals and artistic displays. Wable can also be viewed as an interactive programme for the city’s cultural offerings.

Competence & services

+ Communication & graphic design
+ Logo design & brand identity
+ Web site development

+ Technologic hardware supply
+ Digital communities creation
+ Interior design

+ Feasibility analysis
+ Assistance of construction site
+ Customer service

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